DE / FAULT VOLUME II – PV Thursday 1st December

Ground Floor Left

in collaboration with



Exhibition continues until Saturday 3rd 12pm-6pm
Ground Floor Left, Tudor Grove, London E9 7QL

De / Fault Volume II at Ground Floor Left marks the second group exhibition by DE/FAULT SPACE, an interdisciplinary, collaborative and nomadic art project established in early 2011. Curated by Lucy Armah, Tarini Malik and Emmeline Rodman, the show features work by five artists: Hannah Devereux, Sam Llewellyn- Jones, Jonathan Montague, Sean Michael Pearce and James Seow.

The works displayed aim to investigate how the line, conceptually as well as in its physicality, constitutes and reconstitutes our understanding of a tangible artistic space. Through a range of mediums from prints, installation and photography, each artist is driven by a unique process of creation and brings forward a perspective that stands both individually and pertinently to one another, divulging our sensory projection of the materiality of an object and examining how linear compositions can determine as well as destabilise spatial consciousness.

De / Fault Volume II also features a collaborative projection installation, Inside Out… Outside In, by Sung-Kwon Jung and Kasang Kajang in the backyard space of the gallery. The piece playfully explores the dynamics in our perception of an immediate physical space as well as in a more universal sensibility.

The Dufflefolks (myspace) will be performing their new EP at De / Fault Volume II

Download full Press Release


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