LAST LEGS Veterinary Clinic

Friends of GFL The Robin Collective are holding a three day pop up event to coincide with Halloween. Get your Tickets NOW!

An interactive Halloween party like no other.

At beginning of this year, when the weather was foul and spirits low, The Robin Collective lit up Londoners’ lives with a weeklong indoor picnic in Leicester Square, bathed in artificial sunshine. This autumn, however, things are going to get a little bit darker…

From 29th-31st October, The Robin Collective will be injecting a little fun into an industry not traditionally known for its hedonism as an amateur veterinary clinic in London throws it final party.

To commemorate Halloween 2010, Last Legs Veterinary Clinic will be opening its doors, as well as its medicine cabinets, to the public. Vets and nurses will be serving cocktails at the bar, DJ-ing their way though a catalogue of Haunted House Music and showing off their scalpel skills in live veterinary displays for the public.

Last Legs’ Head Veterinarian comments:

“Normally you have to train for about 8 years to become a vet – with Last Legs Veterinary Clinic it only takes £8. Sure, qualified vets might play it by the book, but here at Last Legs, vets can enjoy a drink, a chat and an operation all at the same time.”

And while our vets are busy letting their hair down, party-goers will have the opportunity to step off the dance floor and get involved. This could be by tracking down injured animals or even by getting behind the operating table – and of course, if they perform well, vets win prizes!

Knowing full well that veterinary makes you hungry and thirsty, the bar will be stocked with a bloodcurdlingly affordable range of drinks, including Dog Conjunctivitis Medicine, a colour changing cocktail made especially for the event.

Gruesomely delicious snacks will also be available, including Unlucky Rabbit’s Feet, Dead Terrapin Meringues and Bompas & Parr bleeding jellies.

So lose those traditional Halloween latex nurse outfits, pick up your latex operating gloves and paint the town red. Blood red.

Notes to Editors

For press enquiries please write to

Tickets: £8 in advance from

Location: A secret location within Zone 2. Details to be released closer to the event.

Opening Hours: 29th & 30th October 2010 – 8.30pm till late.

31st October 2010 – 1:00pm till late. (Film screening TBA)

Dress Code: Dressing up is encouraged, but wear clothes that you don’t mind getting blood on.

Music: Haunted House – dance the night away to a chilling mix of old and new: dark pop, rock ‘n’ roll, electro, rock, indie, etc..

Requests will be taken form a public Spotify playlist:

The Robin Collective is a group of young creatives, formalised earlier this year after putting together the highly successful Café du Pique-Nique in London’s Future Gallery. To date, The Robin Collective has devised theatrical, interactive and edible installations for Wrigley’s, Courvoisier and Bompas & Parr.

Robin Fegen, one of the founders, comments:

“It’s about time somebody took people on an adventure into veterinary – it’s crying out to be the next big thing. This party corresponds with a number of veterinary themed collaborations, including a novel, board game and iPhone app. People have horror fatigue and need something totally new to scare them.”



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