Lydia Corry

Lydia Corry’s work investigates the decorative function of pattern with particular interest in the gendered nature of this relationship. A connection is made between the female body as decoration and patterns as communication systems. The represented female is considered as template, never portraiture, instead the staging of the body is an idea or experiment. Corry’s drawings and sculptures become indexical tools through which the female body can be motifs caught up in a constant process of augmentation. These objects are considered against a language of symbolism, evocative of the hieroglyph; a sign that articulates itself as image and a text simultaneously. The suggestion of a crisis of interpretation is ever present, the work erects a scaffold for play and mischief of assembled out fragments of the familiar and everyday. Various aesthetic modes are adopted alluding to histories or antiquities. The viewer is ambiguously invited to behold these artifacts, possibly uncovering the existence of an all girl cult, or perhaps they are the relics of a lost civilization.


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